Bowdon Development Center, Inc. What is Bowdon Development Center Incorporated? BDCI is a non-profit corporation set up for the use of the Bowdon community to raise money through grants, gifts, donations, and bequests. What is the stated objective of the Corporation? To help the Bowdon community plan, implement and sustain projects within the community to help maintain a stable economic base and insure the survival of Bowdon as a community. Who organized the Corporation and how is it governed? BDCI was organized by a group of concerned citizens of the Bowdon community. It will be governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, elected by the members of the corporation, at its annual meeting. The Board of Directors will elect the officers of the corporation from its membership annually and will have the operational authority for the corporation. Who can be members of the BDCI? Any person who has an interest in or tie to the community can be a member of BDCI by completing a membership application and paying an annual membership fee of $10. Any member can serve as an Officer or Board member of the Corporation by standing for election at the annual meeting and being duly elected by their peers. When was the corporation incorporated? BDCI was officially incorporated in the State of North Dakota as a non-profit Corporation on March 20th. Application for Federal 501 © (3) was filed in April with final approval in June 2002. How can I get involved? Becoming members of BDCI and becoming active and supporting members of the projects that will be selected by the planning committee and community leaders can involve Bowdon community supporters. What type of projects will be supported by BDCI? BDCI will get involved with any project that will benefit the good of the Bowdon community. Two projects now being championed are the Bowdon camp ground project and the Alumni and friends to save the school building project. Future projects will be selected and supported when the working groups complete their planning stages and start implementing their business plans. For more information, please contact us by emailing

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